Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tony Moly Silky Perfect Primer

The hot and humid weather in Singapore makes it extremely hard for our makeup to stay on. A primer helps prolong the duration of the makeup on our face amidst this terrible weather.

Introducing to you the Silky Perfect Primer from Tony Moly....


[TM-Silky Primer] - The primer is whitish translucent thus you do not have to worry about it leaving a whitish cast over your face. As the name suggests, the primer sets a smooth barrier over your skin, allowing the foundation or bb cream to glide on smoothly.

It is from the "Party Lover" series so we can expect that this primer does help to 'set' our makeup better and longer!

Infused with Adenosine, Marine Collagen, Coenzyme and Q10, it helps to improve wrinkles while Arbutin help combats skin dullness and has whitening effect.

Apply a small amount to your face after your normal skincare regime.

BeautyRevamps Price: $29
Retail Price: The primer is no longer available at TM's store. Similar product (TM Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup Base) costs $39.90.

BeautyRevamps will make it a point to upload a picture of the real product so as to certify the availability of the item. So here we go~


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