Thursday, 15 December 2011

Innisfree Facial Masks

The first product featured on this blogshop comes from Innisfree. For those unfamiliar with the brand, one of Innisfree's major strength lies in the purity of their products. Only natural ingredients are used and therefore, it causes minimal irritation to the skin (if there is any at all). This is the main reason why I love Innisfree's products sooooo much as I have relatively sensitive skin.

The following masks are from the "Essential Mask" series and the types available are:
Acai Berry , Apple, Avocado, Banana, Carrot, Honey (NEW), Kiwi, Oatmeal, Pine, Pomegranate (NEW), Rice and lastly, Soy.

[IFM-Berry] - The Acai Berry mask brightens up your face, making it milky white with its antioxidants from the berries! (Stock left: 2 sheets)

[IFM-Apple] - The mask purifies your skin from within, giving you a glowing and smooth complexion. (Out of stock)

[IFM-Avocado] - The mask moisturizes and smoothens your skin with the plentiful nutrients from the avocados. (Out of stock)

[IFM-Banana] - The mask revitalizes rough and saggy skin with the vitamins derived from banana, giving you a smoother complexion! (Out of stock)

[IFM-Carrot] - The mask is packed with Vitamin A to restore and regenerate damaged skin! (Out of stock)

[IFM-Kiwi] - The mask delivers a brightening effect to your skin, clarifying dull complexion! (Stock left: 1 sheet)

[IFM-Honey] - The mask provides intensive hydration and delivers rich nutrition to the skin, keeping it healthy and supple.

[IFM-Oatmeal] - The mask moisturizes dry and sensitive skin by forming a protective moisturizing barrier. (ps. this is my personal favourite!! it really moisten up my face without causing breakouts) (Out of stock)

[IFM-Pine] - The mask relieves fatigued skin for skin defense and revitalization. It is also suitable for people with troubled skin! (Out of stock)